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Path Of Exile Active Skill Tips And Tricks

It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new adventure for Path of Exile. This hack’n slash free-to-play, developed by Grinding Gear Games, is equipped for the occasion of some new developments in arenas, monsters, quests, skills and a class of characters unpublished.

Path of Exile Skill Gem: Can be used by attaching it to the socket in the equipment. Active skill gem that provides various active skills, Support gem that changes the effect of active skill, and Baal skill gem that collects souls by invoking monster and is activated.

Active skills used in game play are not used in passive tree, but as skill gems. These technical gems have a color corresponding to the three abilities (strength: red, dexterity: green, and intelligence: blue), and these gems are placed on items with sockets.

There is also a support gem that upgrades the skill of each skill, so if you have gem slots connected to each other like the above item shot, you can upgrade that skill by connecting it with auxiliary gem. There are also things that change the use of jewelry just like Keystone, starting from the basic thing of increasing damage or range. This is also limited by color, and there is a limitation that Path of Exile items that are simply jewel holes are not available and only jewelry items with linked jewel holes exist. Auxiliary jewels with the same ability can not overlap. The more auxiliary gem is attached, the more powerful the skill becomes because the synergy occurs. Also, if you plug two or more technical jewels into a connected socket and attach auxiliary jewels to it, the auxiliary effects are applied to all connected technical gems.

There can be up to six gem sockets in an item. It can only have two-handed weapons and armor at item level 35, and can produce up to four other pieces, such as helmets and shoes, and three, one-handed weapons and shields. Especially, items with all 6 sockets connected have low drop rate, and the success rate is not enough to be reinforced. It’s the easiest to buy from other users, but of course it’s also expensive.

They all come with a “fallen” option, which can not be used at any time and can be activated by consuming souls if they catch the mobs in advance and fill in the required number of souls. It is a kind of ultimate feeling and certainly strong, but it does not work well unless you combine it with an appropriate secondary gem or item.

Technical and auxiliary jewels become more powerful when they are worn on equipment worn by the character and gain experience and level ups of the jewels. The gem is eaten by the monster. Unlike the character experience with the experience penalty according to the level difference. There are limits, for example, if you focus on intelligence and do not have a high level of strength or agility, you will be limited to upgrading red and green gems. Of course, even blue gemstones compared to characters can not be put on at all if you get too high a level. The highest gem level is 20, which can be exceeded by putting it on an item that increases the level of the gem. Gems that meet the criteria are theoretically raised to level 28.

Not only is there a gem level, but there is also a gem quality, which can be enhanced with Gemcutter’s Prism. Strengthening has the effect of increasing the specific ability of the skill. However, since this prism has a low drop rate, it needs a lot of firming to strengthen it to the highest quality of 20%. Gems are raised to the highest level, 20 levels, and when you use gemstones, you get 20% quality at a time. Note, however, that the bail level will return to 1.

There is an item box called Gemcutter’s Strongbox that can be found in the field. If you open it and kill the mobs, you drop several gems. If you have a magic or rare box, you may be given the option of dropping all the gems with quality. If the fortune is good enough, you can get 19% or 20% quality.

Finally, all the gems are put up and there are no restrictions on taking them out.

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