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Path Of Exile Is Revamping Trap System

On March 29 we saw an advance of what Grinding Gear Games has in mind for the next update of Path of Exile, highlighting 3 important points in which the team is working.

Two days ago, they returned with another entry in the official forums giving some information about the adjustments that are being made for the skills of Fire Trap, Bear Trap and Lightning Trap, as well as other changes and additions such as the new gem of specific support for traps.

I will leave a summary of the changes explained and in the source you have the original entry with all the explanations of the developer.

Fire Trap

  • The cooldown time is eliminated.
  • Inflicts additional damage against burning enemies.
  • The burning ground will be more intense but will last less.
  • Increased the damage and the area of the skill.
  • Fire Trap will go from being a Level 1 starting skill to a Level 12 Skill.

Bear Trap

  • Apply a penalty to enemies that increases the damage they receive from traps and mines.
  • Inflicts a large amount of damage to the target that activates it.
  • The ability will immobilize enemies for a time based on the amount of damage the ability inflicts on those enemies.
  • It will apply a large reduction in movement speed for a short time after the immobilization phase has ended.

Lightning Trap

  • You will lose your cooldown.
  • Higher critical strike chance.
  • Gain greater critical strike focus against Shocked enemies.

Other Changes

The new trap-specific support gem will provide the probability of generating Power and Frenzy charges when your traps are activated and at the same time it will give you a Critical Hit Multiplier for each Power Charge and increased Throw speed for each Frenzy Charge.

“We’re developing changes to the Shadow starting area and other trap clusters. The Shadow will be offered passives that increase all trap damage right away, rather than having to decide early on between using elemental or physical damage.”

The team plans to add several new Trap skills along with these changes, as well as increase the limit of active traps. Until the tests are completed and conclusions are drawn, we will not know what decision they will take. They hope to give more details soon.

Finally, remember that everything exposed in this post refers to current plans and ideas that may vary while continuing to work on Content Update 3.3.0.

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