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Path Of Exile Tips For Obtaining Skill Gems

Path of Exile has been running strong as a free-to-play action RPG since late 2013. Along with its similarly righteous brethren (such as Warframe) on Steam, Path of Exile has managed to carve out a chunk of market share that includes both Diablo addicts and newcomers alike. Here we’ll talk about the skill gems that making skills available for characters.

Skill gems will level up as you gain experience. They will get a slight boost to their stats with each level. The skill gems will not level unless they are on a piece of armor or weapon that you currently have equipped, so keep that in mind.

Rather than learn them by gaining levels, all action skills in Path of Exile are equippable, color-coded gems. Skill gems gain levels independently of your character as long as you have them equipped, and you can resocket them whenever you like. Click here for orbs and PoE items.


Random drop from monsters, chests and strongboxes. Players have a chance to obtain skill gems from slain creatures. The gems are differentiated from other loot by their color. Skill gems will show up in a blue-green color.


Purchased from town vendors once a certain quest is complete or use Vendor recipes. At some vendors, you have the opportunity to purchase skills. Be sure to check all the NPCs at the various towns, as certain ones will have a better selection.

Vendors in Acts 1-4 sell leveled skill gems. The available gems are based on the character’s class. Siosa in Act 3 sells all unleveled skill gems that can be received as quest rewards, across all classes. Lilly Roth in Act 6 sells all unleveled skill gems after completing the Act 6 quest “Fallen from Grace”.


Quests can also give skills for rewards. There is usually a small selection where the player gets to choose the gem that they want.

Vaal skill gems come from Vaal Vessels in corrupted areas. Vaal Skills may be used only when enough souls have been collected from slain enemies. Collected souls are saved to the zone instance they were gathered in. Changing zones or resetting the instance will start a new soul counter, but returning to a prior instance will “remember” the souls you left with. Collected souls are lost if the Vaal Skill Gem is removed from its socket.

Diablo fans and action RPGs, get closer! Path of Exile is a free game that has a structure very similar to that of Diablo II, bringing not only an obscure look, but also the action that the veterans expect. Enjoy to download the game for free and play with us!

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