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The Background Of Path Of Exile

Path of Exile is a hack’n slash role-playing game that will take you into a particularly dark post-apocalyptic world, you will have to choose your character from the seven different classes. Your goal will be to evolve your hero by equipping new objects and improving your skills.

The main background of the game is a desolate area called Wraeclast, which was once a continent ruled by a mighty empire, but now only the neighboring city of Oriath remains the only country, This is where you struggle to survive. The seven classes are also exiled for some reason, and are therefore called “Exile” to other characters. When you create a character, you start from a convoy transport, and when you create it, you start with the ship wrecked and drifting. It is the beginning of the game that the main character, the exorcist, is tracking the plot he is devising in Wraeclast.

Although it is a typical medieval fantasy, it is a post apocalyptic atmosphere because the main battleground, Reyklast, is an area where civilization has already been destroyed. The area where other Ex-NPCs live is a small community close to the camp rather than a village, and the only remaining structure is the ruins of ancient civilizations. Even the city of the country, which was the only state of the world, is destroyed in the game.

The source of magic in the Path of Exile worldview is the gem called “Virtue Gem”. These gems are said to have the ability to transform the illusion into reality, and the study of this power is called Thaumaturgy. Pass of Exile’s Active Skill is not a character skill, but rather a skill gem called “Skill Gem”, which is a skill gem.

The history of Wraeclast, which is a background setting, is almost lost and remains mostly as a word of mouth and records of ancient ruins. Unexpectedly, the history setting is vastly structured, which can be found through conversations with the NPC, quests, and various story items found in the field. If you find it annoying to go through the fields, you may want to refer to the informal collections gathered by the settlers.

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